Data Analyst Apprentice - Research and Analytics

  • Company: Basis
  • Location: London, W1T 1UH
  • Type: Apprenticeship
  • Salary: £21,000.00 per year
  • Sector: Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Ref: VAC-00033
  • Application Deadline Date: 14/07/2022
  • Start Date: 03/10/2022
  • Positions Available: 1
  • Working Week: Monday - Friday

Brief Description

The Apprenticeship
As an apprentice, you’ll spend 20% of your time at Ada, the National College for
Digital Skills and 80% at Basis (London). All the content covered at the college and
the work experience will contribute towards a three-year foundation level 6 degree
in Digital and Technology Solutions (Data Analyst pathway).

Qualifications Required

GCSE Maths and English Grades A- D or Grades 9-4
GCSE Further Maths is an advantage
3 x A Levels including Maths
BTEC Level 3 including Statistics or Statistical elements of Finance
NVQ Level 3 including Maths , Statistics or equivalent

Personal Qualities

A pragmatic thinker – often analytics solutions are far from perfect, so you need an
ability to understand the limitations of data and analytics, weigh up pros and cons
based on client objectives, and find the best solution when there is no perfect
A self-starter – to really succeed in this role, you will be someone who actively
challenges the status quo, but always seeks to offer solutions rather than just
highlighting problems
Considerate and friendly – we have a lovely team at Basis, and we’re looking for
someone who is happy to work closely with others in a collaborative way, who isn’t
afraid of asking questions or asking for help – and equally is willing to help others

Skills Required

Enthusiasm for and good ability in Statistics – You will come to be a go-to person
within the company for questions of a statistical nature. A firm understanding of
the basics of statistics and an ability to quickly grasp new statistical concepts is
going to be essential
Natural curiosity and interest in consumer and social research – You’re going to be
spending a LOT of time looking at things people have said in surveys, so this needs
to sound interesting to you!
Love of problem solving – much of the work you will be doing will involve finding
out how to do something, or improving current methods. So you need to be the sort
of person who likes figuring things out themselves rather than following a rigid set
of instructions

Future Prospects

A permanent position may be on offer upon successful completion of the apprenticeship

Vacancy Detail

Basis – Who we are
We are a multi award winning research agency with diverse and varied work which
genuinely makes a difference to our clients and society. We are a young,
independent company that values our team really highly. We have an active social
calendar, run charitable initiatives, and offer a wide-ranging training programme –
so you can develop and grow in this friendly and stimulating environment.
The Apprenticeship
As an apprentice, you’ll spend 20% of your time at Ada, the National College for
Digital Skills and 80% at Basis (London). All the content covered at the college and
the work experience will contribute towards a three-year foundation level 6 degree
in Digital and Technology Solutions (Data Analyst pathway).
More information on the programme itself can be found here:
The focus of the first year will be gaining a strong foundation in market research,
understanding how our agency works and the different types of analysis that are
commonly used. In the second year, you’ll expand your skills and knowledge into
more complex analysis and begin to take more of a leading role in projects. By the
end of the third year, you’ll be feeding into proposals and designing analysis plans
for client projects, and you’ll be a key resource within the business for analytics
help and ideas.
The Role: Overview
As an apprentice at Basis you’ll be able to play a key part on projects, making a
tangible difference in this varied and rewarding role. You’ll be working in a vibrant
and friendly environment, delivering bespoke research and analytics projects for a
range of clients. We work with many leading brands including Netflix , Beats,
Samsung, Tesco, DAZN, Ray Ban and John Lewis, as well as a host of government
and charitable organisations, from the Cabinet Office to the Wellcome Trust. You’ll
have the opportunity to work across sectors and methodologies. You’ll also be
working closely with our Research Executives and Project Managers over the
course of each project.
The work you’ll undertake will be comprised of two main areas: Research and
Analytics. The below outlines the day-to-day duties you might undertake during the
course of the apprenticeship – you’ll receive training and mentoring along the way,
so we’re not expecting you to know how to do these from day one, but it’s key that
you are excited about this sort of work and can picture yourself doing these types
of things for the next three years (and hopefully beyond!)
The Role: Research
As a member of the Quantitative Research Team, you’ll be involved from early on in
a range of different client facing projects in order to get a good base understanding
of the world of Market Research. You’ll be working on the whole project life cycle,
working on things like:
• Understanding client objectives
• Questionnaire design
• Sample and weighting design
• Data quality checks
• Data analysis
• Reporting
• Presenting
The Role: Analytics
The analytics work you’ll undertake will be in two categories: Client vs In-house
Work on client projects as and when needed:
• Assisting on and eventually leading client projects with an analytical component
• Feeding into project proposals with ideas of analytical techniques to meet
client objectives
• Working with the research team to feed into questionnaire and sample
design, and then conducting analysis when data has been collected
• Contributing to reports and assisting the rest of reporting to understand
and interpret results correctly
• Eventually presenting statistical results back to clients and answering
• The most common analytical techniques you’ll use will include regression
and cluster analysis
Work on in-house development projects:
• Working on projects internally with the aim to expand our offering and
understanding of new techniques and best practice. These will often include:
• Exploratory literature reviews
• Experimentation of different techniques on different datasets
• Summarising and communicating findings
• Contributing to reports for internal use, or thought pieces on our website or
external comms
• Communicating finders to internal stakeholders
• Supporting change based on findings within the organisation
• Typical areas of focus may include:
• Data visualisation
• Clustering
• Predictive Models
• Time series analysis
• Natural Language Processing

Other Information

Application details

Should you wish to apply for this role we’d like to you submit a covering letter to
accompany your CV on why you would be great for this role.
Please note applications without a cover letter won’t be considered.

We are also happy to have an initial 30-minute conversation around what you can expect in the interview, to help you prepare. Please email if this is something you’d like.

Basis Research is committed to ensuring its employees are treated fairly regardless of
race, gender, ability, religion, sexual orientation or age.

We therefore ask if along with your CV you could please complete the following equal opportunities form: details (or copy and paste)

The information you give on this form will help us comply with our policy of ensuring
equality. You do not have to complete all of this form (or any of it if you don’t want to)
but it will help us on our mission to ensure that we are a diverse, representative, and fair

All information collected around equality and diversity will be treated confidentially in
accordance with the Data Protection Act. Access to this information will be restricted to
staff involved in the processing and monitoring of this data. It will be used to provide
statistical information only.

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